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Do you Really Need SEO?

Many people don't understand what their website can and should do for them. Often frustration arises when a well designed website fails having few visitors. A well-optimized site turbocharges your online marketing program. An easy prescription never works for a successful SEO campaign.

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What Exactly is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or SEM (Search Engine Management) is the process of crafting your site so that your desired keywords rank well in major search engine (e.g., Google, Yahoo, MSN Bing). Unlike Paid Per Click (PPC) advertisement, you neither have to pay for each click nor impression.

Our Methodologies:

  • Identify the mission of your website. Generate targeted keywords library.
  • Develop optimization steps to reach the key conversion goals
  • If applicable, we employ Social Media Optimization (SMO) to improve the site's ranking by participating on various social media web sites.
  • manage PPC campaigns. Although it is paid, it is still suggested to have both SEO and PPC employed to sustain site's credibility and traffic.