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Successful campaigns We might learn from....

H & M logo

H&M fan page: H&M's success is reckoned for its innovative and engaging Facebook Page. They are maintaining an online community of 1 million fans and more. Much effort is spent on updating page content hence generating maximum viral distribution. H&M utilizes Page Tabs, constantly updating the Page around specific promotions, seasonal trends, store openings, and new designer launches. They also employ Become a Fan; Polling; Event RSVPs, targeted at national and local markets expanding their customers demographics. It creates a two-way interactive dialogue with their fans instead of pushing information. H&M has take advantage of the Facebook platform to operate a global community that shares a common love for the brand.

Starbucks logo

Starbucks idea page: Starbucks uses their brand pages to listen to and engage with their 1.7M and growing fans. They leverage status update to share information relevant to their Facebook fans and make excellent use of tools such as events, notes and discussions.

Vitamin Water logo

Vitamin Water, The Great Debate Campaign: In their campaign, VitaminWater stirred up a debatable discussion on Facebook platform over the question: Is LeBron or Kobe (world class NBA players) the greatest of all time? Users who become a Fan of Vitaminwater have access to discussions, polls, activities and exclusive content around these two players (and Vitaminwater partners). The campaign has drawn over 21,000 votes and thousands of comments being contributed. With this sounding and fun campaign, Vitaminwater has maintained an online community with loyal fans.